Welcome to the ElectronicEstatePlanners website. We are dedicated to delivering high quality, customer friendly, estate planning services to our clients. With the use of artificial intelligence, we have developed a website that can construct a customized Estate Plan that protects you and your family. If you are in need of legal assistance, a licensed attorney will be available to assist you. Now most individuals and couples can afford to have an Estate Plan to insure that their wishes are carried out after their incapacity or death. Although the thought of such occurrences is sobering, you can now put together your Estate Plan conveniently and affordably. There are a number of compelling reasons why everyone should have an Estate Plan.

The need for an Estate Plan is not terribly difficult to understand. Simply ask yourself, what would you want to happen if you were suddenly incapacitated. How is your spouse/life partner affected? Your children? Who will take care of them? Who will take care of you? How would your financial affairs be handled? Who would run your business? Would you be able to remain at home? ? What measures should be taken to prolong your life? Who would care for your pets?

Many similar issues arise after a person’s death. Additionally, one must consider how to dispose of one’s assets. Perhaps family heirlooms need to be designated to certain friends and relatives. Who will see that all of your bills are paid and your property bequeathed, donated and/or sold? What costs will my estate bear? Will my assets be tied up in Probate Court? For how long? What will be done with my remains? What kind of service do I want? Do I want to be an organ donor? Do I want an autopsy?

These are the types of questions that need to be addressed by your Estate Plan. Once you have made your wishes clear in a legally valid Estate Plan, then you can focus on what matters most to you…living life to the fullest with your loved ones. After putting your Estate Plan in place, you will know that your wishes for yourself and your loved ones will be fulfilled even when you would have otherwise lost control of the outcome.

Our site is constructed with an enterprise encrypted server, professionally hosted 24/7/365 available to our client from any web browser. Through a dynamic online interview from your home or office, you are able to custom tailor your Estate Plan to set forth exactly how you want these important issues addressed. We offer options off a menu of prices depending whether the Estate Plan is for an individual or a couple (both traditional and untraditional) and whether the Estate Plan is self-prepared, attorney reviewed or attorney prepared. This three-tiered pricing allows for the degree of legal assistance that you need and can afford, while custom tailoring your Estate Plan to meet your needs. Additionally, we serve those needing certain standalone documents such as a General Power of Attorney, an Advance Healthcare Directive or a Simple Willl.

Please feel free to look around our site to learn more about estate planning and how we can assist you in creating an Estate Plan to protect you and your family.

Feel free to call or email us, if we can be of further assistance.