A Few Reasons Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

1. To determine who receives your hard earned assets upon your death
2. To minimize taxes and expenses associated with death and probate
3. To maintain control over your assets rather than relinquish control to the courts
4. To provide for the welfare of minor children upon death or disability
5. To provide for family members with special needs without loss of governmental benefits
6. To provide for the care of pets, if you are no longer able
7. To avoid family disputes and squabbles by making your final wishes clear
8. To insure that irresponsible loved ones are protected from creditors and ex-spouses
9. To determine how to dispose of your home and other real property
10. To provide for you and your family in the case of disability, retirement and death
11. To maximize the protection of insurance for death, disability and long-term care
12. To provide incentives after death for your loved ones to follow your moral compass
13. To determine how your personal property is divided, including specific bequeaths
14. To donate to your favorite charitable, educational, social, and religious groups

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